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Ryukoku Honbu Dojo

Bridge to the Future

RSKKR Certificate #023

Head Sensei: Danny Peterson, Yondan

Sempai: Nick Servello, Nidan

Dojo Location: Murphy Community Center, 205 N. Murphy Road, Murphy, Texas

Phone: 214-392-5712

Email: Click to email


Class Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday 7:45-9:00pm

February 2014

Jordan Katin - 9th Kyu

October 2013

Joel Vecchio - 6th Kyu

Josh Seymour - 6th Kyu

Grant Peterson - 5th Kyu

July 2013

Brittany Williams - Shodan (in conjunction with Wylie Karate)

Joel Vecchio - 7th Kyu

Josh Seymour - 7th Kyu

May 2013

Nichole Adams – 5th kyu

November 2012

Nichole Adams – 6th kyu

Oct 2012

Josh Seymour – 8th kyu

Aug 2012

Josh Seymour – 9th kyu

Earl Seymour – 9th kyu

Thomas Williams – 9th kyu

Emery McArtor – 3rd kyu

Nichole Adams – 7th kyu

June 2012

Michael Burleson – 3rd kyu

May 2012

Todd McArtor – 5th kyu

April 2012

Collin Edwards – Shodan

November 2011

Nick Servello - Nidan

Michael Burleson - 4th kyu

David Goldenberg - 5th kyu

September 2011

Collin Edwards - 1st kyu

July 2011

Emery McArtor - 5th kyu

Todd McArtor - 6th kyu