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Ryukoku Honbu Dojo

Bridge to the Future

Seidokan Dojo of New York

RSKKR Certificates #014 & #015

Head Sensei: Joe Diliberto, Hachidan

Email: Click to email


Dojo #1: Seidokan New York

(RSKKR Certificate #014)

Sensei: Joe Diliberto, Hachidan with Marisa Diliberto, Nanadan

2256 Hudson Avenue Rochester, New York 14617

Phone: (585) 247-9111

Dojo #2: Seidokan New York Greece Branch

(RSKKR Certificate # 015)

Sensei: Joe Diliberto, Hachidan with Craig Roth, Rokudan

367 Doewood Lane, Rochester New York, 14606

Phone: (585) 200-9665

Photo above: Sensei Joe Diliberto with Sensei Shian Toma

The RSKKR Northeast Region 2013 Seminar will be held May 17-19 at Camp Cory, Penn Yann, New York. Contact Sensei Joe Diliberto for more information.